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Sister Hosea Rupprecht is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, a religious community dedicated to evangelization with the media. She holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto and an MA in Media Literacy from Webster University in St. Louis. 

Sr. Hosea is director of the East Coast office of the Pauline Center for Media Studies, based in Staten Island, NY, and speaks on media literacy and faith to catechists, parents, youth, and young adults. Together with Father Chip Hines, she is the co-host of Searchlight, a Catholic movie review show on Catholic TV. Sr. Hosea is the author of How to Watch Movies with Kids: A Values-Based Strategy, released by Pauline Books & Media. 

For the past 15 years, she has facilitated various film dialogues for both children and adults, as well as given presentations on integrating culture, faith and media.

A Quiet Place - For the Love of Family

A Quiet Place - For the Love of Family

Horror movies are really not my thing so I was surprised by the positive buzz I was hearing about “A Quiet Place” starring Emily Blunt and her real-life husband, John Krasinski as the parents of a family that had to live in complete silence or else the monsters would get them. So fascinated was I by what I was hearing that I found myself willingly sitting in the theater about to watch a horror movie. And it was wonderful.
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Peter Rabbit - Causing mayhem, fun but bad. Contrition, good.

Peter Rabbit - Causing mayhem, fun but bad. Contrition, good.

“Peter Rabbit” might not be what Beatrix Potter had in mind when she wrote and illustrated her famous books on which this film is based, but I think she would be OK with its message to children: be good, but when you’re not, be contrite and seek to right your wrong. The titular character, brilliantly voiced by James Corden, hasn’t changed at all since his literary birth. He’s still sneaking into old Mr. McGregor’s (Sam Neill) garden and snatching the yumm...
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