Movies tell stories about our common human experience and our faith leads us to be more authentically human. We are excited to be able to make available to you the guides that we use at the Pauline Center for Media Studies.

Meeting Jesus at the Movies, Cinema Divina, and Kids Meeting Jesus at the Movies Guides are tools that we hope you, your family, your classroom and your parish will find helpful to enter into the media culture with a faith perspective, finding in this media-mindful approach to popular media insights about how to grow in our relationship with Christ and others.

Click on and download the two free "How To" guides below. They provide helpful tips for holding a "Movie Night," with a parish group, a class, or your family. You can also download the guide for new film, The Bad Guys, for free!



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To find the right movie for your family, class, or prayer group, visit our searchable movie/Scripture/theme database here.


Purchase of Meeting Jesus at the Movie Guides, Cinema Divina Guides, and Kids Meeting Jesus at the Movies Guides includes permission to photocopy and/or print out copies of purchased guides as needed for use in family, classroom, or parish/movie group, in noncommercial settings, on the conditions that:

  • the copies are provided to participants free of charge
  • each page of the guide that is reproduced is reproduced in its entirety, including the copyright notice
  • any commercial use of the copies is prohibited

Any other use that is not provided for in this notice, including the right to reproduce or transmit the guides in any other form or by any other means (including posting them online), is subject to written permission from the Pauline Center for Media Studies.