SR. ROSE PACATTE, FSP Founding Director

Travels from Los Angeles, CA

Sister Rose is a Daughter of St. Paul, a media literacy education specialist, and the founding director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Culver City, CA where she teaches courses on media literacy for catechists and adults. A world traveler, she gives presentations and courses on media literacy around the globe. She has a BA in Liberal Arts with concentrations in catechetics and communications, an MEd in Media Studies from the Institute of Education, University of London, UK, and a Certificate in Pastoral Communication from the University of Dayton. She is an award winning author and co-author of books on film and scripture and media literacy education. Her most recent book is “Martin Sheen: Pilgrim on the Way” (2015).

Sr. Rose is an active member of SIGNIS, the world Catholic association for communication and president of Catholics in Media Associates in Los Angeles. She has also served on Catholic and ecumenical juries at the Venice, Locarno, Berlin and Newport film festivals as well as the Montreux television festival. 

Rose is the film columnist for St. Anthony Messenger and the National Catholic Reporter, reviews films for catechists and youth for RCLBenziger, hosts her own interview and review online show “The Industry with Sister Rose on the IN Network” and writes “Sister Rose at the Movies” blog on Patheos. Rose has created courses and facilitates them for the University of Dayton’s online Virtual Learning Community.


Sr. Rose Pacatte is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization,



  • “Sr. Rose's media vision reminds me of new Bishop Robert Barron--theological insight packaged in an artful way. As a critic, she appreciates what is faith-enriching, what can help families share faith. Her reviews are always rock-solid.She may be Pauline, but Peter would be proud.” – Deacon Bill Drobick, Master Catechist, Diocese of Oakland
  • “Sister Rose understands media and has helped me to see what is best in it. She also has an uncanny ability to show us how what appears to be a poor media experience can present us with a catechetical moment.” – Dr. Harry J. Dudley, USCCB Secretariat for Catholic Education
  • “Sister Rose is funny, witty, and delightfully courageous as she challenges us to communicate more wisely and lovingly as well as assess media with sharper discerning skills.” – Juliana Gerace, PhD, author, catechist
  • “Sr. Rose is whip smart, hilarious and one of the most media savvy people that I have ever met; she is an outstanding communicator who 'speaks the truth in love.' ” – Carol Shelton, Ed. D., Professor of Fine Arts Emeritus, Pacific Life College
  • “Sr. Rose inspires me to bring media into the realm of Faith Formation.” – Ann Pinckney, Director of Faith Formation, Diocese of Savannah
  • “Sr. Rose's presentations always open new pathways of intentional discipleship with media.” – Richard Drabik, Assistant Director for the VLCFF at the University of Dayton
  • “Sr. Rose opens your eyes to opportunities through the use of a different lens that shows you how to find gospel values in contemporary film.” – Cherryl Sagan, Retired Media Resource Consultant, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas
  • “Sister Rose is an informed and dynamic speaker!” – Sr Maureen Crosby, Diocese of Brownsville
  • “Presentations by Sr. Rose are always both entertaining and thought-provoking. More important, they are grounded in faith, reason and sound theology. I look to Sr. Rose to provide wise judgment regarding anything and everything 'media'!” – William B. Miller, Former President, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL)
  • “Sister Rose. What a delight! We found Sister so well-prepared and adapted her presentations to our specific needs and concerns. I find her movie reviews very insightful. She is serving as an editor and curator of the best in media and especially for connecting faith to everyday life.” – Dan Pierson, founder, and
  • “If you wonder about how media is important in the faith world, the role of images in today’s culture, or just want to learn more about the media world, Sr. Rose is the one to follow.” – Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, President, Digital Disciple Network
  • “Everyone should learn about media literacy from Sr. Rose. I consider it a basic life skill.” – Susan Wallace, Holy Cross Family Ministries




Our world is completely wired and often we cannot see the real connections that seem invisible. And it's not only young people who spend hours using social media every day, but more and more grown-ups are joining social media sites for a variety of motives. Even the Pope tweets. This presentation explores questions about social media, faith and critical education and shares two frameworks for evaluating how students, teachers, and others create content and consume it.

The THINK strategy is easy to learn, apply and share even with young children. 

“THE WAY” – A FILM RETREAT (for adults and teens 16+) 

This three to five part retreat uses the 2011 film by director Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, to frame our own spiritual journey, beginning with Baptism. This retreat is excellent for Lent. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook and pilgrim’s backpack and come away with a deeper understanding of faith that when tested can survive with hope, love, forgiveness, and companions on the way.

DIGITAL LITERACY: WHY CHARACTER MATTERS (for catechists, parents, teachers, librarians, etc.)

Participants will come away with a clear, accessible understanding of what media literacy is in the digital age and why it is imperative that character education, beginning in the family, be integrated across the curriculum for all other literacies to build on. They will come away with practical skills that they can apply immediately in life, faith, catechesis, and education. As catechists, teachers, parents and ministers, it is not enough to know "how." We are called to be faithful citizens in the digital universe and character education is the basic human foundation on which to build the moral, faithful citizen with an informed conscience and vibrant faith life. 


Meeting Jesus at the movies might seem impossible to some. However, this presentation looks at sacramental ways to find God in the dark and secrets to discovering heroes who exemplify the teaching of the Lord Jesus in laughter and tears. It includes an analysis of "The Hunger Games" and other films as cultural parables that engages the sacramental and moral imagination. 


This is a media literacy/media mindfulness refresher presentation for those working in faith formation, catechesis, and religious education as well as Catholic Christian parents and teachers and anyone interested in integrating critical thinking and media literacy within the context of culture, education and faith formation.