The Hundred-Foot Journey - Cinema Divina Reflection

The Hundred-Foot Journey - Cinema Divina Reflection

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Lectio: Ephesians 4:25-32 and The Hundred-Foot Journey

Meditatio: Watching the film in the context of Cinema Divina, this time I was touched by the quote from the Scripture, “do not grieve the Holy Spirit.” The scene from the movie that I associate with this is when Hassan has made a name for himself as a chef in Paris but you can tell by looking at him that he’s not happy with his success. He observes a fellow chef, also Indian, eating a meal prepared by his wife. The chef asks Hassan to join him and the food reminds Hassan of his late mother’s cooking. His eyes begin to tear up as the chef tells him, “Every bite takes you home.”

This seemed to be Hassan’s turning point. Talking about all the spices he used in India made him realize that he longed for his family and the home they provided for him, even though they now lived in France. In order to achieve success as a chef, he had turned his back on them and the way he learned to cook from his mother. In a sense, he grieved the spirit of his mother and the family that was dear to his heart. It was only upon listening to his heart, what we might call the voice of the Holy Spirit, and returning home to his family and his roots, that he finds true love and joy in life.

There is another line in the film that makes me realize that nothing happens to us that is not planned or allowed by God and that God can bring good out of anything. “Brakes break for a reason,” for it was faulty breaks that introduced the Kadam family to the French village where they ultimately settled. This reminds me that there really is no such thing as coincidence for followers of Christ. God is in charge and we have no need to worry if we really trust that all will work out, as St. Paul says, for the good of those who love Christ.

Oratio: Lord God, I know that you are in charge of my life but so often I let worries and anxiety chip away at my joy. Never let me grieve the Holy Spirit but always be open to your voice as you touch me each day through the people and situations I find myself in. Help me see you, my Lord, in those around me and in the circumstances you gift me with. Amen.

Contemplatio: I sit quietly and let the love of the Holy Spirit permeate my mind, heart, and soul.

Actio: As a result of this prayer experience I want to be especially attentive to what happens around me. I can so often get distracted by my own little world. This coming week, I want to pay attention to people, smile at them on the street, and try my best to be the face of Christ for those I encounter.



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