The funny, pill-shaped, nonsense-jabbering characters from the Despicable Me movies get their own screen time in Minions. Their purpose: to serve the most despicable master they can find. But it seems like they inadvertently keep causing the demise of those very masters with their hilarious ineptitude. From a T-Rex to Dracula to Napoleon, the well-meaning Minions just can't seem to keep “the boss” around for very long.

Settling in an ice cave, the Minions fall into a state of depression as they are unable to fulfill their reason for being. Then Kevin has the bright idea to set out into the world to find a boss evil enough to be worthy of the Minion’s service. Stuart joins him for the fame, and Bob is the energetic volunteer that isn’t really right for the job but since nobody else is offering to go, Kevin allows Bob to join the adventure.

The three end up in 1968 New York City and witness a TV ad for Villian-Con, talking place in Orlando. Hitchhiking a ride with the bank-robbing Nelson family (mom and dad voiced by Allison Janney and Michael Keaton), our little yellow friends meet Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock), the big villain giving the keynote address and end up in her service. To prove themselves they have to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

Minions has a hard time holding up as a story on its own. Although the antics of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob keep the laughs coming, the story fizzles out in the middle. The kids won’t really care about that but the accompanying adults just might wish for a bit more plot line.



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