Learning to Love - No Coincidences

Learning to Love - No Coincidences

The newest release from Pure Flix comes to the streaming platform on May 12th. Learning to Love pits positivity and faith against anguish and grief to bring new life into a broken corner of humanity.


Penned by Dave Simpson and directed by Damian Romay, Learning to Love sparkles with good humor, crazy situations, and relationships mended through trial and faith.


Steph (Ina Barron) is fresh off a break-up from her boyfriend and fellow advertising colleague, James (Tom Copeland). Relocating to Miami, and rooming with her BFF, Mia (Brandi Huzzie), Steph hopes for a new beginning, both emotionally and career-wise. While unpacking, she hugs a photo of her deceased mother and says, "I've been trying hard to stay positive."


Positivity radiates from Steph like shafts of light, almost to excess. Upon stepping into an interview for a position in a local ad agency, she starts pulling out her resume and letters of recommendation, regaling interviewer, Harry (Philip Boyd), with her accomplishments and sunny disposition. Harry looks on rather stunned.



Ina Barron as Steph in "Learning to Love."  © 2023 Reel One Entertainment/Pure Flix. All Rights Reserved. 


Steph explains that she used to be a teacher, but that it wasn't a good fit. When Harry asks about that, he realizes that Steph has stepped into the wrong interview. She's on the 4th floor and the ad agency is on the 5th. Oops. Harry's not looking for an ad developer but a live-in tutor for his two daughters, Rosa and Bella (Caroline Skye and Zoe Willis respectively).


Wanting nothing to do with teaching and put off by Harry's sour demeanor, Steph returns home and laments about her ruined interview to Mia. With job prospects low, Mia convinces Steph to call Harry. Arriving at Harry's palatial estate on the ocean, she meets Rosa and Bella. First impressions are great and Harry offers her the job, complete with amazing guest house accommodations.


As Steph interacts with Harry and the girls, her attitude starts to rub off on the gruff Harry. When Rosa and Bella fear that Steph is going steal their Dad's love away from them, they embark on a mission to get rid of Steph, much like the Von Trapp children tried to prank Maria away in The Sound of Music. Only when they meet Steph's replacement, the strict Mss. Grimble (Suzanne Kovi), do the girls realize their mistake and try praying to Jesus, which they've witnessed from Steph.



The cast of "Learning to Love."  © 2023 Reel One Entertainment/Pure Flix. All Rights Reserved. 


Learning to Love, although formulaic and predictable, has many sweet and edifying moments. The film provides a heart-warming commentary on how God works in people's lives. How often does it happen that a disastrous or humiliating event or situation turns out to be a blessing in disguise?


For people of faith, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, although some of the reasons might be hard to accept or understand without the benefit of hindsight. God had big plans for Harry, Rosa and Bella when he allowed Steph to step into the wrong interview room with her joy and faith. What plans does the Almighty have for you that might come out of difficult, embarrassing, or unexpected situations? If your faith is tried, take a page out of Rosa and Bella's book. When they want Steph back, Rosa asks Bella, "Do you think Jesus can help us? Steph says he can, but I don't know." Bella answers, "We can try." And then you pray.






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