A Handful of Water - Love in Unexpected Places

A Handful of Water - Love in Unexpected Places

We've all heard the stories of people fleeing their homes for the promise of a better life somewhere else. There are refugees all over the world and they are close to the heart of our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Rather than seeing them as statistics, he urges us to connect with them as people, hear their stories, pray for them and help when we can.


A Handful of Water, a German-language film with English subtitles from director Jakob Zapf, debuts through video on demand and digital platforms on April 7th. Although not based on a true story, the film shows that we can find love in unexpected places if our hearts are open.


Konrad's (Jurgen Prochnow) heart remained closed, even a couple of years after the death of his wife. He mopes around his home with no company except the fish in his basement aquarium. His daughter, Ingrid (Anja Schiffel), brings him meals in plastic containers just to make sure he eats something. He's even short of temper with his nosy neighbor when she walks her dog past his home.



Anja Schiffel and Jurgen Prochnow in "A Handful of Water."  © 2020 IndiePix Films. All Rights Reserved. 



On the other end of town, 11-year-old Thurba (Milena Pribak) lives a happy life with her mother and two brothers. When the police show up at the door to deport her Yemini family to Bulgaria, she jumps from the second floor balcony and runs off, knowing that her family can't be detained unless all the children are present.


That night, Thurba breaks into Konrad's home, eats his food, and gets away clean. The next evening, however, Konrad only knowing that an intruder was in his home, comes prepared and accidentally injures her. When he sees that his burglar is a child, he immediately dresses her wound and pulls out the futon in the basement so she can sleep.


She's fascinated with the aquarium and as the two of them take care of the fish the next day, Thurba tells Konrad her story. Interacting with the energetic girl, Konrad begins coming out of his isolation, enjoying her antics and constant flow of conversation. As the two grow closer, they become unlikely friends.



Jurgen Prochnow and Milena Pribak in "A Handful of Water."  © 2020 IndiePix Films. All Rights Reserved. 



With the threat of deportation hanging over Thurba and her family, Konrad must decide if and how he can help.


A Handful of Water marks the acting debut of its young star, Milena Pribak, who succeeds at drawing the audience into the story with her soft eyes and mischievous mannerisms. Although Thurba sometimes makes the wrong choices, Pribak brings her to life with heart and impish sweetness. She also plays well off veteran, Jurgen Prochnow, who convinces us that a grumpy old man's heart can melt when he meets a child in need.


Meeting Thurba surely brought love back into Konrad's life in an unexpected way, but Thurba found love as well. Where might you open your heart today to find love in unexpected places?






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