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Sr. Rose celebrates 15 years with St. Anthony Messenger

Sr. Rose celebrates 15 years with St. Anthony Messenger

The Pauline Center for Media Studies joins St. Anthony Messenger magazine in recognizing the contributions Sister Rose Pacatte has made to their publication and online for 15 years. In this photo, Sister Rose chats with Clint Eastwood about his recent film, 15:17 To Paris.


Christopher Heffron of St. Anthony Messenger writes:


I met Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, at a popular Cincinnati restaurant called Washington Platform in 2003. As a lifelong film fanatic, I was eager to pelt St. Anthony Messenger’s new critic with questions that reallymattered: Has Spielberg gone soft? Meryl Streep: most talented or most overrated? Why does Al Pacino have an Oscar for Scent of a Woman? Because the table was full of inquisitive editors, I wasn’t able to ask my questions as readily as I had hoped.


For the rest of Christopher Heffron's article about Sister Rose's 15th Anniversary with St. Anthony Messenger, click here.



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