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Sister Rose on Fox 11 News

Sister Rose on Fox 11 News

Not only are members of the Pauline Center for Media Studies called upon to address matters of faith in relationship to the media but sometimes we are called upon by secular media outlets to provide a faith perspective on issues of the day.

President Donald Trump's recent visit (May 20-24, 2017) to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Rome saw him calling for peace and the end of Islamic extremism. Fox 11 News in Los Angeles aired a segment called, "In Depth," featuring Mahomed Khan of the King Fahed Mosque in Culver City, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, and Sister Rose Pacatte of the Pauline Center for Media Studies. During the interview, Sister Rose commented on Trump's meeting with Pope Francis while in Rome. She said, "If he [Trump] really reads those [the two documents of Joy of the Gospel and Laudato Si Pope Francis gave to Trump], and takes them in, good for him."

When asked if world peace is even possible and if the President is on the right track, Sister Rose responded that face-to-face dialogue is a step in the right direction. She said, "What is the solution? It is communication and dialogue and one-on-one...seeing each other face-to-face and seeing God in the face of one another."

You can view the whole segment here: In Depth-Trump Seeking Peace.



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