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Sr. Nancy is the Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies and a Media Literacy Education Specialist. She has degrees in Communications Arts and a Masters in Theology and the Arts from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has extensive experience in the creative aspects of social media, print media, radio and video production as well as in marketing, advertising, retail management and administration. 

Sr. Nancy has given numerous media mindfulness workshops, presentations and film retreats around the country to youth, young adults, catechists, seminarians, teachers and media professionals helping to create that dialogue between faith and media. She is a member of NAMLE (National Association of Media Literacy Educators), SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communicators) and THEOCOM (Theology and Communications in Dialogue) and board member of CIMA (Catholics in Media Associates). She is the author of a theology of popular culture called, A Sacred Look: Becoming Cultural Mystics from Wipf & Stock Publishing. Sr. Nancy is a theologian, national speaker, blogger and film reviewer. 

Symbolism in "The Shape of Water" - Redeeming the Marginalized

Symbolism in "The Shape of Water" - Redeeming the Marginalized

Let’s put it out there right off the bat. I’m a realist and very pragmatic. I love stories about people, even if they are fictional, stories that delve deeply into human struggles in order to bring out the best of humanity—the values, the heroism, and the beauty. So, with that said, I sometimes struggle with fantasy stories that force me to think in symbols rather than in actual concepts and concrete images. That’s the gift of fantasy. These stories take us into another w...
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