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A Reflection on "Have it All" by Jason Mraz

A Reflection on "Have it All" by Jason Mraz

There is nothing like tuning in to a great song to transport you to another place or feel yourself uplifted by the inspiration it provides. 


One of my favorite artists, Jason Mraz, two- time Grammy winner recently released a new song called, “Have It All.”  His acoustic pop style and smooth voice offers an audible freshness. This particular song deserves to be set on repeat, so no matter where you are, whether in traffic or at your desk at work, this song will bring a smile to your face and cause you to groove as you listen. 


Jason told in an interview that the inspiration for this song and the others on his latest album  “Know” are from love letters between he and his wife. The common thread that weaves through all those love letters is the importance of love. Love seems to be Jason’s mantra in life. 


This song releases at a good time in our society, a time when we need to focus on what is important in life. Jason admits that the current news stories depress him and that he penned many other songs that had themes of anger and sadness. But, he chose to look deeper and recall a visit he had with a Buddhist Monk several years ago. The monk gave Jason a blessing that resonates with him more today than when he received it.   


This song speaks of life’s limitless possibilities of hope, togetherness, affection, friendship, intimacy, and beyond. The lyrics speak of a dream for another, a hopeful dream to not just know about life but live life to the fullest. This song taps into the deep desire we all have for happiness. That comes through generosity with others, joy in the moment, and being the best of who we are. 


To have it all speaks of much more than just the material things in life. The line, “May you know the meaning of the word happiness,” refers to happiness that is experienced and gained with others in community, not alone or having all the latest gadgets. The human heart is on a quest for happiness. This desire is universal, that is, common to every member of the human family. We desire to be happy and we act out of this desire. God has placed this yearning within each human heart as a spiritual navigational instrument designed to lead us to our destiny. Jason says in the first verse, “May you always be led from the beating of your chest.” 


The official music video for the song connects the theme of community and how to build up one another. Through this sense of compassion and empathy we all can inspire one another to look at the deeper meaning of life. We also remind each other that it is ultimately God himself who is the author of our yearning for happiness. 



A few lines later in the song Jason sings, “May you have unquestionable health and less stress, having no possessions though immeasurable wealth.” When the song first released Jason shared in a tweet: “In my late teens and early twenties I was flat broke, but I always had music, which gave me great experiences and a feeling of richness. My friend and I used to say we were the richest, poor people we knew.” Are we able to look to our relationships in life and recognize that it is the place where we can experience encouragement and support in hard times, joy and laughter in good times, and a shoulder to lean on in times of sorrow? Relationships provide the true richness of life.  


We all need encouragement and hope. "Have It All" is a reset back to the heart, a return to joy, a song with a message of generosity, a blessing disguised as a playful rap song, and one meant to be paid-forward and shared.







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